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Marine Equipment Testing

Marine Equipment Testing

MultiLab Testing Ltd, is an independent laboratory with specialisation in Materials Testing and Calibration Services.

Their highly qualified engineers and calibration technicians have many years of experience in the marine industry field with a specialization in calibration of measuring equipment on various types of cargo vessels, tanker ships, motor vessels, yachts… hence why they are the preferred supplier of choice of Multiamrine Services Ltd.

MultiLab Testing Laboratory provides expert calibration and testing verification services of marine measuring equipment on-board.

List of Marine Equipment Testing Services:

  • Calibration of portable gas detectors, fixed gas detection systems and gas sampling systems
  • Calibration of oily water separators (OWS) [15ppm bilge alarms]
  • Testing and Verification of oil discharge monitoring equipment (ODME)
  • Calibration of ullage-temperature-interface (UTI) devices,
  • Calibration of temperature transmitters, digital/analogue gauges, temperature calibrators, thermometers
  • Calibration of pressure transmitters, digital/analogue gauges, pressure calibrators, torque wrenches, weighting instruments, load cells
  • Testing verification and adjustment of safety relief valves, line valves, pv valves, safety valves
  • Calibration of breath alcohol screening devices (alcometers)
  • Calibration of cargo electrical test instruments: digital multimeters, current clamps, insulation testers, infrared (IR) thermometers, signal simulators

For more information, visit www.multilab.com.cy