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VTT Vasiliko Oil Storage Terminal

Project: VTT Vasiliko Oil Terminal Project (Onshore Upper Area Piping Erection) Owner: VTT VASILIKO LTD Main Contractor: J&P AND J&P (O) VASILIKO OIL TANK JV


MULTIMARINE SERVICES LTD and BIOTEK SA joined forces and successfully won and safely completed the VTT Vasiliko Oil Terminal Project (Onshore Upper Area Piping Erection). The Oil Storage Terminal owner was VTT VASILIKO LTD and the main contractor was J&P AND J&P (O) VASILIKO OIL TANK JV.

The contract value of approx. EUR 6m was the highest ever contract related to purely piping fabrication and erection works ever awarded in Cyprus.
The Scope of the Work under the Piping Erection Subcontract for the VTTV Project, was related to the “Onshore - Upper Area Piping” (Process and Utility) and to the “ROW Piping”, and included the complete and safe pre-fabrication, erection, installation, testing, pre-commissioning, including grit blasting & complete painting, double wrapping of the underground piping, the supply of non-free issue materials including the supply of bulk material and of all consumables required (such as electrodes, etc), provision of tools, manpower and construction / erection equipment, scaffolding and whatsoever needed for the complete execution of all the works related to the piping, and hand over of these piping systems to J&P in fully operable condition.


The General Services provided by PESC were the following:

  • Provision of temporary field offices (including change-room, toilet facilities, etc)
  • Provision of fenced area and covered warehouse for the storage of all the materials that have been installed under the scope of work
  • Provision of all the required field temporary facilities, such as work shop, prefabrication shop, grit blasting shop, painting shop, etc.
  • Finding and allocation of an area to accommodate PESC's temporary facilities for prefabrication, assembly, painting, yards, warehousing, etc. as required, in case the available space within Contractor’s Camp area, as mentioned in item 5.1.e above, is not adequate.
  • The provision of all utilities (such as electricity, water, fuels, etc) required for all PESC's activities under his scope of works (temporary works included).
  • Provision of all temporary facilities and equipment required for testing, including hydrotesting, air tightness testing, drying, nitrogen purging, pig gauging test, cleaning with cleaning pig(s), etc
  • Provision of experienced and specialized personnel / manpower and organization for the management co-ordination, control and satisfactory & safe execution and erection, inspection and testing of the works (incl. pre-commissioning) under the Scope of the present PER, i.e. for all the activities up to Project's completion.
  • PESC will cooperate with Contractor and other sub-contractors who will be carrying out work in the same area in order that the overall job to proceed without any delay.
  • Development and issue, for Contractor's review and approval, of all the Field Procedures, Method Statements, and any other documentation, such as the ones listed below, required for the PESC to carry out his work under the present PER.


  • Automated and Manual Blasting & Painting Workshop at Ayios Silas Industrial Area;
  • Manual Blasting & Painting Workshop at MMS Facilities in Limassol Port;
  • Pre-Fabrication Workshop Erected inside VTTV Premises, 1000sqm enclosed area;
  • Piping Laydown Area at Vasilikos, 20000sqm


  • Lincoln STT Semi Automatic Method (GMAW+FCAW)