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Ocean Endeavor NOV Drilling Risers 5 year Recertification

Nov Risers Inspection, Repairs & Maintenance Multimarine Yard, Limassol Port Diamond & NOV



Project: Ocean Endeavor NOV Drilling Risers 5 year Recertification
Start Date: October 2013
Completion Date: November 2014
Drilling Rig: Ocean Endeavor
Owner: Diamond Offshore Drilling International
OEM: National Oilwell Varco
Riser Type: Shaffer FT-GB
Numbers: 118 75ft Riser Joints & 2 Telescopic Joints


Multimarine Services Ltd, an OEM Approved Vendor was responsible for the Full 5 Year Inspection and Recertification Program of 118 75ft Riser Joints & 2 Telescopic Joints. In particular the following activities were completed

  • Vessel offloading, handling transportation, allocation and approved storage of Riser Joints on site
  • Complete disassembly/stripping down of Buoyancy Modules and Riser Joints and high pressure wash of outer and inner diameters.
  • Carrying out the inspection and quality control on all parts/components/areas detailed by client, following specified NDT procedures and acceptance criteria:
  • Visual Testing, VT.
  • Dimensional Testing, DT.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing, MT; Both Colour Contrast and Fluorescent.
  • Dye-Penetrant Testing, PT; Both Colour Contrast and Fluorescent.
  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing, WT.
  • Ultrasonic Testing, UT.
  • Painting dust assessment, surface profile and dry film thickness measurements.
  • Carrying out and recording safe hydrostatic pressure tests of sealed auxiliary lines (Max. 22,000 Psi/1,517 bar) as per client specifications.
  • Sandblasting and painting of Riser Joints as per client specifications.
  • Documenting all findings of testing and inspection and forwarding all results to Client for review and, in turn, further 5 year COC approval.
  • Full assembly of Riser Joints as per client specifications and hand over.

Safety was always the first priority for all parties involved; Multimarine, NOV and DIAMOND. Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessments and Toolbox Talks were recorded on relevant documentation. A safety meeting reviewing risk assessment and permits were held before any work was allowed to proceed to ensure everyone involved understands the tasks in hand and corresponding safety precautions (if any) to be taken.

Pavlos Phokas, Operations Manager, commented: “Winning this project was a major achievement for Multimarine as the rig was finishing it’s drilling activities in Egypt. Moreover, Ocean Endeavor provided the full riser stream for recertification. Surely, the very successful outcome has put Multimarine and Cyprus in the riser recertification map. Both NOV and DIAMOND have found our facilities in Limassol Port extremely convenient for their riser repair and recertification project in the Mediterranean Sea. Especially, for Rigs currently drilling in Egypt Israel or Cyprus, Multimarine’s facilities in Limassol, Cyprus can be proven to be an ideal location for riser recertification in this project is the best proof.”