Multimarine Services Ltd was contracted by FAIRMOUNT to complete the urgent dry-docking repairs at the port kort nozzle of OSV FAIRMOUNT ALPINE.
Following the results of an underwater survey completed by Multimarine Services Ltd, an urgent dry-docking was performed in Limassol. Multimarine worked on 24hr shifts and successfully completed the following:

  • Repairs of the cracks found at the bottom and at the top of the port kort nozzle and also on the two vertical supports of the kort nozzle and on the connecting member (vertical support) between the port stern tube and the port kort nozzle, forward part
  • Performing renewal of the side plate of the inboard vertical support of the port kort nozzle, including the fitting and welding of new vertical stiffeners as ordered

All works were completed by Multimarine’s certified welders and the whole works were surveyed by Lloyds Register.
Pavlos Phokas, Operations Manager, commented: “FAIRMOUNT ALPINE came to Cyprus to complete a charter contract and therefore repairing the kort nozzle on time was an absolute priority. We are extremely proud that we managed to successfully complete the repairs to the full satisfaction of the owners and the vessel managed to complete its charter obligations without any delays. Dry-docking repairs is a specialty for Multimarine and we look forward for the next projects.”

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