D/S S10000 Tubular Recertification Services


Multimarine Services Ltd (MMS) was the successful tenderer and safely completed the inspection of the whole drill pipe string for D/S SAIPEM 10000. The inspections were completed in accordance with the Standard TH DS-1 Category 4.
Three pipe categories were inspected:

  • 5” Range 3, Grade S135
  • 6 5/8” Range 3, Grade S135, WT 0.500”
  • 6 5/8” Range 3, Grade S135, WT 0.362”

MMS multi-skilled technicians and inspectors utilized several inspection methods including the use of in-house Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI) Equipment.
Renos Phokas, Managing Director, commented: “With the increase of drilling rigs operating in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, the need for specialized inspection solutions is greater than ever. Multimarine invested in the latest EMI technology and can now offer in-house the whole drill pipes inspection package.”

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